Seven…what’s in the box?

Seven – oh my god, a great film! Starring Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman and Gwyneth Paltrow.  The film – full of suspense and produced brilliantly – held my attention throughout.  Produced over 15 years ago it still holds its own in the modern movie world and in my opinion will be a film that will never be forgotten and definitely worth a re-watch.

The acts (the seven deadly sins) throughout the film were horrific and gruesome…David Fincher doesn’t hold back on showing you all the blood and disfigurement – yuk! The movie definitely demonstrates the mind of a maniac… who incidentally was played by Kevin Spacey, although we only get to see him right at the end he’s still worth a mention as the creepiness of his character gives you goose pimples!

I think that the film was directed really well as It was an unusual crime movie as you can’t guess what’s going to happen next… and the twist at the end was just an utter shock I was definitely not expecting that to happen.  Yet even though the film was horrific it wasn’t farfetched it was totally believable.

David Fincher managed to create a lot of atmosphere in the film and I believe picked the right actors to pull the characters’ off… Brad Pitt played the role of eager newbie brilliantly while Morgan Freeman played the knowledgeable withdrawn older cop role down to a T!  

 Definitely worth a watch or two… 10/10