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Sleeping with the enemy… Come quickly I’ve just killed an intruder

I found this movie very dark!! I thought that Julia Roberts played the part of a abused wife with real conviction…at the start of the movie you have no idea that she is in an abusive relationship… well that is until he (Martin) hits her in the head – that kind of gave it away!!

I think that the film portrays the cruelty that Julia has to contend with everyday very convincingly due to the fantastic acting from Patrick Bergin. This is the only film that I have seen him act in but it really was fantastic and believable!

I found that the best bit was the beginning and the end as the middle part was quite predictable although at the same time… it was quite scary how easy it was for Martin to find his wife whom he believed was dead!

I would say that it is more of a women’s film, you really feel for Julia Roberts character and the sadness that was her marriage and her life!

This is also the only film that I have seen which was directed by Joseph Ruben. I would definitely watch another 7 ½


40 Days and 40 Nights….Matt look at yourself your life is shit

I chose this film as it was produced by the same dudes that produced Bridget Jone’s Diary – Which I loved – and I guess I loved this too! I was in the mood to watch some light hearted comedy… and that is exactly what I got!!

I think that with this film you have to take it for what it is… childish, easy to follow story line, simple and funny…. perfect for Sunday afternoon hangovers!

As a fan of Josh Hartnett I think he played his character pretty well…but I couldn’t stand his ex girlfriend – Vinessa Shaw! However I did find his relationship with Erica – Shannyn Sossamon – cute.

Save it for a Sunday – 6/10

Robin Hood…ask me nicely

I liked this movie but deep down I think that it could have been better! Seeing as it was directed by Ridley Scott (who created epic films like the Gladiator!) I was a little disappointed!

If you’re a fan of Gladiator, Braveheart, last of the Mohicans… or any of these legendary films I’d be happy to put money on it that you’ll enjoy this film too but like me would think that it didn’t quite live up to your expectations.

I was a little confused at one point when Russell Crowe started to speak in a vaguely Scottish accent – I guess he must have been watching Braveheart to pick up some tips on how to play a UK hero…shame Robin Hood was from Nottingham not Scotland!

I thought that Cate Blanchet played Maid Marion well… but I would have liked to see more of the sheriff as in my opinion the sheriff is a pretty important part to the Robin Hood story!! Also worth a mention is Friar Tuck, played by Mark Addy… definitely my favourite Friar Tuck in all Robin Hood films!

Another positive is the battle scenes,though, I found the bit where Maid Marion turned up to fight a bit cheesy!!!

All in all though I think one to watch at the cinema for the battle scenes but for the rest of it rent it!!

Lacked something – 6 ¾


Twilight…and so the lion fell in love with the lamb

The Cell…What world do you live in?

 WHAT is Jennifer Lopez doing acting… ok so I’m not a Jennifer Lopez fan I got to admit, but why was she chosen for this film? Vince Vaughn and Vincent D’Onofrio however were pretty darn good! (Yes I did say darn; feel free to quote me on that).

So why’d director Tarsem Singh go and cast Jennifer (pouty and I’m so innocent) Lopez as Catherine Deane – the experimental psychologist? Why’d you do it Tarsem, why?? Something’s I’ll never understand!

Regardless of Jennifer the film was pretty good. It was a little bit crazy, it had me a tense in a lot of places due to the freaky music and the artistry in the filming was something special. This wasn’t the sort of film I would watch twice but it was good. I’d say watch it if you have an opportunity even if it is to see the way you zoom in and out of peoples actual minds through a few wires – as I said before – something special… if not totally unbelievable.

My favourite actor had to be Vincent D’Onofio; he played Carl Stargher a serial killer with an obsession with water. He preyed on young women and turned them into dolls amongst other disturbing things! Although he didn’t say all that much throughout the film the way he moved and looked said an awful lot on its own – dialogue wasn’t necessary, the images in the film said more than enough.

I would have rated this film a lot higher if Jennifer wasn’t in it, shame on you Tarsem – 6/10

Pitch Black…Not for me! Not for me!

I wasn’t a fan of this film…maybe Sci-Fi films aren’t my thing. I thought the story was pretty poor… I would have switched it off but I was hoping it might get better – alas it did not!

The story in a nutshell…they’re in a spaceship, it crashes, Vin Diesel escapes, they happened to be there the only day in a billion zillion years (or something like that) that it turns dark, crazy alien things that only come out in the dark attack them, everyone dies apart from Vin Diesel and two others…great story don’t you agree?

 I picked this film purely for Vin Diesel, who I must admit did look pretty hot (note: shaved heads and muscles definitely my thing) but his character of fearless criminal was way way waaaaay over the top. But who better to play an over the top psycho then Vin Diesel himself!

So who else was in this forgettable film…hmm I vaguely recognised Radha Mitchell. I’m sure I should know where from but I don’t… I must be doing any movie buffs head in at the moment.  I must admit she played her character well, definitely the best actress in the film but that’s not saying a lot, anyhow well done Radha!

Note to director David Twohy – must try harder. I’m looking forward to seeing another film by David – maybe Sci-Fi’s aren’t his thing either, I shall investigate and let you know.

Don’t bother with this one – watch something else – 2/10