Sleeping with the enemy… Come quickly I’ve just killed an intruder

I found this movie very dark!! I thought that Julia Roberts played the part of a abused wife with real conviction…at the start of the movie you have no idea that she is in an abusive relationship… well that is until he (Martin) hits her in the head – that kind of gave it away!!

I think that the film portrays the cruelty that Julia has to contend with everyday very convincingly due to the fantastic acting from Patrick Bergin. This is the only film that I have seen him act in but it really was fantastic and believable!

I found that the best bit was the beginning and the end as the middle part was quite predictable although at the same time… it was quite scary how easy it was for Martin to find his wife whom he believed was dead!

I would say that it is more of a women’s film, you really feel for Julia Roberts character and the sadness that was her marriage and her life!

This is also the only film that I have seen which was directed by Joseph Ruben. I would definitely watch another 7 ½

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