Robin Hood…ask me nicely

I liked this movie but deep down I think that it could have been better! Seeing as it was directed by Ridley Scott (who created epic films like the Gladiator!) I was a little disappointed!

If you’re a fan of Gladiator, Braveheart, last of the Mohicans… or any of these legendary films I’d be happy to put money on it that you’ll enjoy this film too but like me would think that it didn’t quite live up to your expectations.

I was a little confused at one point when Russell Crowe started to speak in a vaguely Scottish accent – I guess he must have been watching Braveheart to pick up some tips on how to play a UK hero…shame Robin Hood was from Nottingham not Scotland!

I thought that Cate Blanchet played Maid Marion well… but I would have liked to see more of the sheriff as in my opinion the sheriff is a pretty important part to the Robin Hood story!! Also worth a mention is Friar Tuck, played by Mark Addy… definitely my favourite Friar Tuck in all Robin Hood films!

Another positive is the battle scenes,though, I found the bit where Maid Marion turned up to fight a bit cheesy!!!

All in all though I think one to watch at the cinema for the battle scenes but for the rest of it rent it!!

Lacked something – 6 ¾

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