The Cell…What world do you live in?

 WHAT is Jennifer Lopez doing acting… ok so I’m not a Jennifer Lopez fan I got to admit, but why was she chosen for this film? Vince Vaughn and Vincent D’Onofrio however were pretty darn good! (Yes I did say darn; feel free to quote me on that).

So why’d director Tarsem Singh go and cast Jennifer (pouty and I’m so innocent) Lopez as Catherine Deane – the experimental psychologist? Why’d you do it Tarsem, why?? Something’s I’ll never understand!

Regardless of Jennifer the film was pretty good. It was a little bit crazy, it had me a tense in a lot of places due to the freaky music and the artistry in the filming was something special. This wasn’t the sort of film I would watch twice but it was good. I’d say watch it if you have an opportunity even if it is to see the way you zoom in and out of peoples actual minds through a few wires – as I said before – something special… if not totally unbelievable.

My favourite actor had to be Vincent D’Onofio; he played Carl Stargher a serial killer with an obsession with water. He preyed on young women and turned them into dolls amongst other disturbing things! Although he didn’t say all that much throughout the film the way he moved and looked said an awful lot on its own – dialogue wasn’t necessary, the images in the film said more than enough.

I would have rated this film a lot higher if Jennifer wasn’t in it, shame on you Tarsem – 6/10

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