Pitch Black…Not for me! Not for me!

I wasn’t a fan of this film…maybe Sci-Fi films aren’t my thing. I thought the story was pretty poor… I would have switched it off but I was hoping it might get better – alas it did not!

The story in a nutshell…they’re in a spaceship, it crashes, Vin Diesel escapes, they happened to be there the only day in a billion zillion years (or something like that) that it turns dark, crazy alien things that only come out in the dark attack them, everyone dies apart from Vin Diesel and two others…great story don’t you agree?

 I picked this film purely for Vin Diesel, who I must admit did look pretty hot (note: shaved heads and muscles definitely my thing) but his character of fearless criminal was way way waaaaay over the top. But who better to play an over the top psycho then Vin Diesel himself!

So who else was in this forgettable film…hmm I vaguely recognised Radha Mitchell. I’m sure I should know where from but I don’t… I must be doing any movie buffs head in at the moment.  I must admit she played her character well, definitely the best actress in the film but that’s not saying a lot, anyhow well done Radha!

Note to director David Twohy – must try harder. I’m looking forward to seeing another film by David – maybe Sci-Fi’s aren’t his thing either, I shall investigate and let you know.

Don’t bother with this one – watch something else – 2/10

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